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At the back of our forest garden, hidden between the trees, with an unobstructed view over the meadows. A cozy hut at a height, on stilts for 6 people and a nice south-facing terrace. You reach the entrance via a staircase with enough space for your coat and a shelf for your shoes. In the hallway you will find the bathroom with spacious shower & sink; there is a separate toilet. The living room has a nice sitting area with wood stove, small kitchen and spacious dining area, with many windows. There are 2 bedrooms with good beds, of course, 1 with a large window towards the east (where the sun rises) and the other with a large skylight, so that you can look at the clear starry sky from your bed. On the landing there will be a cozy 'bunk bed box' (best suited for children) with a view of the meadows. We dream of an outdoor kitchen, linked to the indoor kitchen. We create a play area for the children under the hut, so that they can go outside even in bad weather. Here you will find, among other things, a swing and gym rings...we are currently drawing...


Always keep dreaming. For me, perhaps the nicest thing there is...
chasing dreams...

I haven't known what my dreams are for a long time; I lived life and often enjoyed it to the fullest. After school I ended up on a cruise ship somewhat by chance and that broadened my horizons enormously. That was in every respect a 'crazy' period during which I grew up quickly. It then became clear that my dream had to be a 6-month world trip. I started saving really hard for that and in the meantime I started dating Nordin and luckily he liked it too... luckily, because I went anyway and now we have made precious memories together for life. The dream that followed was to live and work in a spacious place somewhere in France... it was a place towards the south, but a little closer to family & friends. The B&B opened in 2017 and is exactly what I hoped for; do your own business, go out on a limb yourself, achieve success yourself and earn (and spend) your own money! But now, more than 4 years later, I'm starting to get the itch again... what more can I do, what more can we do and what do we want in the future... first I came up with a Pod, a half oval holiday home... Really cool, but Nordin was less enthusiastic, too small and not suitable for a slightly longer stay in bad weather..., then I came up with a tiny house.... he wasn't very enthusiastic about it either. ... but when I came up with a tree house idea some time later, his eyes lit up... and here we are now... now extensively at the drawing board and finally in the final phase of it....


Bed & Bread Ouddorp l   Oudelandseweg 13 l 3253 LN Ouddorp l Tel: +31 (0)6 18728579 l

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