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Ouddorp aan Zee


(15 min. cycling)

By bike to the beach, the nearest beach entrance to Bed & Broodje Ouddorp is beach entrance #

From our B&B you drive left onto the Oudelandseweg, then take the 2nd exit to the right onto the Klarebeekweg and drive all the way to the end; you will automatically arrive in the dune area. Continue past Zonnewende de Groenedijk campsite. After this you can turn left to the Noordweg, also called Ouddorp Beach; it is very quiet here; there are only public toilets; no beach tent. You can also turn left on the Groenedijk, this beach entrance is a little busier, because this is where the Bula beach bar serves delicious Mexican dishes.


Water and wind sports

Kitesurfing, windsurfing, wave surfing, it's all possible here in Ouddorp aan Zee and on the Grevelingenmeer. The best places are Natural High or Brouwersdam. Are you a beginner? Both offer many options to get started.


Ouddorp Duin & Bij Marc
(15 min. cycling)

Want to take a break with your little one(s) when the weather is a bit less? Consider a visit to Ouddorp Duin, next to the reception you will find an indoor playground for children up to the age of 6; Here you can order a nice cup of coffee. Sometimes craft activities are also organized here.

The climbing dune at 'Bij Marc' is perfectly located on the terrace & square of Ouddorp Duin; lots of fun in a safe environment; perfect for lunch, drinks or dinner. Fun activities are regularly organized on the Strandplein.


Beach pavilion Paal 10
(15 min. cycling)

One of the nicest beach bars in Ouddorp? Especially beach pavilion Paal 10 (at beach entrance 4). A beautifully decorated terrace with a versatile menu and fast service. Since this summer you will also find great takeaway options on the beach itself. You will find a nice climbing frame for the kids, but the beach and dunes are of course a hit anyway.


Klepperstee swimming pond

(10 min. cycling)

At holiday park 'De Klepperstee' you will find this amazing swimming pond for all ages. Adjacent to Bistro Skal, where you can enjoy a cup of coffee, or lunch or dinner after a swim. Furthermore, a nice outdoor playground with air trampoline and also an indoor playground.


Bunkerroute 'De Punt'
(10 min. fietsen)

Near our B&B, there is a special walking route, fun with kids to visit the bunkers of Ouddorp. This bunker complex is part of the German defense line during the Second World War; this defense line extends from Northern Road to Spain. You will find this route just a 10-minute bike ride from our B&B houses


Bistro Skal
(15 min. cycling)

Nice, Scandinavian style restaurant at the holiday park 'De Klepperstee' with an easy yet versatile menu for lunch & dinner with a few vegetarian options. What is so nice here is that there is an indoor playground for the children and also a nice terrace adjacent to a beautiful swimming pond and playground with air trampoline...


Grevelingenmeer - catching crabs
(10 min. cycling)

Even when the weather is bad, it is nice to go to this beach near the Twins restaurant (formerly 'Dolle Beer'). You can ideally park directly on the beach, bring a landing net & bucket and catch crabs! The water is quite shallow; you can walk to the jetty. Water slowly deepens to about 1 meter. Definitely useful to take water shoes with you because of the oyster shells that are there.


Grevelingenmeer - swimming at the harbor (5 min. cycling)

Just a 5-minute bike ride from our B&B you will find the harbor of Ouddorp. Here you can take a refreshing dip in the Grevelingen, go paddle boarding, even go to the uninhabited island of Hompelvoet or snorkel in this clear water

Zuiderdiep swimming pool.jpg

Zuiderdiep swimming pool
(10 auto min.)

In Stellendam you will find an indoor and outdoor swimming pool with slides and a lovely sunbathing lawn. Of course you can go for fries and ice cream. Great if you or your children want something other than the beach or Grevelingenmeer.


Goat farm
The Mekkerstee

A visit to the Mekkerstee goat farm should definitely not be missed when you are in Ouddorp. On this cheese farm you will of course find goats, but also many other farm animals, a nice playground, a flower picking garden (May-September) and a small restaurant with pancakes and delicious goat's milk ice creams

Mountain Bikers

MTB Routes Goeree Overflakke
(starts 10 minutes by bike)

There are several MTB routes on the island, the most beautiful of which can be found on the 'Kop van Goeree', which runs through the nature reserves 'Duinen van Goeree' and the 'Kwade Hoek' and is almost 30 km long.

Yay! Pluktuin #bloemenliefde, around the corner from us, is open again 🌹🌻🌸💐, so cool to have your own

Picking garden Bloemenliefde

Picking your own BLOOMON forest in a sea full of flowers... really a small party, every time... from about the beginning of June to the beginning of October you can find many different types of flowers in all kinds of colors and lengths. Owner Wilma regularly organizes fun workshops in the garden or in the shed.

Flipjes summer.jpg

Playground De Flipjes

Playground 'De Flipjes' has been a household name in Ouddorp and the surrounding area for decades. A nostalgic playground, not too big, but guaranteed a morning or afternoon of fun for children up to 10 years old. For the little ones there is a huge sandbox at the terrace. You can bring your own picnic or buy something simple from the vending machine. Costs are €2 per person

Horse riding (4).jpg

Horse riding through the dunes and on the beach

Horseback riding on the beach, through the dunes or on one of the many riding trails... so incredibly beautiful & free. You will find various options in the Ouddorp area and De Dijkgraaf riding school is your base

Wooden cape.webp

Beach theater
Wooden Cape

Various activities for children are organized throughout the year at the "Wooden Cape"; think of children's theater, making lanterns, puzzle tours, making chocolates and beach activities. There is also regular theater for adults in the evenings. Check for the up-to-date activities agenda.


A Seal Seal Sanctuary

Seals are cared for and cared for at A Seal. These are mainly young seal pups that have lost their mother or seals that are injured or sick. When the seals are completely healthy again and able to survive in the wild, they are released again.


Cycling routes Goeree Overflakkee

The most beautiful cycling and walking routes can be found via the South Holland water board. Through the dunes, along the Grevelingenmeer or to the Brouwersdam; it's all nearby. There are also 3 MTB trails on the island

When renting an apartment, 2 (or 4 at B&B2) bicycles are included.


Things love

One of my favorite shops in Ouddorp, Dingenliefde. And as the name suggests, here you will find things that have been searched for and found with love. The owner goes to town and country (Netherlands, Belgium & France) for beautiful things, used and new. Beautiful tableware, cards, steel wire baskets, plants, fine bars of soap...a really nice, cozy shop, which I don't visit too often because it makes me so greedy.

A day of swimming in the subtropical swimming paradise Port Zelande Ouddorp

Aqua Mundo - suptropisch zwemparadijs Port Zelande (10 automin)

The best outing for our children, perhaps not necessarily for us as parents, but worth it. Sutropical swimming at Port Zelande. With a Water Playhouse for the little ones, a wave pool, various slides and a real whitewater course. You can go to the swimming pool for fries and ice cream and you will also find other dining options in the 'Market Dome' complex.


RTM Museum
(10 min. cycling

The RTM Museum near the Brouwerdam is a fun outing for the whole family. The small museum has a beautiful collection of steam and diesel locomotives, carriages and freight wagons, all of which have been in use by RTM and some are still in use.

Zeeland Coast.jpg

Swimming at
'The Zeeland Coast'

This is a perfect swimming paradise for children aged 0 to 9 years. Small, well-organized and safe. There is a huge water structure with a slide, where children can play without actually being in the pool. On nice days, the outdoor area with water slides is also open; these are also wet, but do not end up in a swimming pool. There is also a pleasant terrace with a nice playground, a snack bar and restaurant


Wesley's Ice Cream Parlor

Get an ice cream in the center by bike. In the period from April 1 to September 30 you can get the tastiest ice creams at Wesley on the Ring in Ouddorp. Something we really often do in the summer!

Golf course Roxenisse.jpg

Golfing at Goeree Overflakkee

On Goeree you can enjoy a game of golf at the Catharinenburg golf complex, but there are also several golf courses on the surrounding islands of Voorne-Putten and Schouwen-Duiveland.

Thank you for your visit to our B&B (digital and live)! Cheers to a wonderful New Year! _In

Culinary enjoyment at Wijnbar & Bistro Zus

This restaurant is a real asset to Ouddorp; a nice interior with sufficient space between the tables, a nice terrace, happy service (sisters & father are in the shop themselves) and, above all, good food. No before-and-after, but only beautifully presented intermediate dishes. Sometimes well-known classics such as Vitello Tonnato & Melon with Parma Ham, but also surprises such as Butterfish Carpaccio or Tuna Tataki. 'Zus is open from Tuesday to Sunday and from September to April Wednesday to Sunday


Beach Club Zee

Sometimes it seems like you are in the Mediterranean... this is one of those places where you can have that feeling. Almost at the end of the Brouwersdam, so actually in Zeeland, you will find Strandclub Zee. The service is smooth and cordial and the dishes are good. Nice seating areas both inside and outside and in winter they create an ice skating rink on the outside deck, which is very special by the sea.


Climbing and swimming at Duikstek de Koepel

This is one of those places that surprises; Not spectacular from a distance, but once you get started you can enjoy hours of fun on these elements in the water. You can bring your own picnic, but behind the dike there is also a classic snack bar ('De Koepel') for a snack. There are also toilets and showers.


Wandelen in de Kwade Hoek

Grab your bike and cycle via the Dunes of Goeree to the small town of Oostdijk. You can park your bike at the parking lot and start a beautiful walk through the 'Kwade Hoek' nature monument area. If it has rained a lot, it is advisable to wear boots in this 'wet' area.


Climbing forest Zeeland Heroes

High above the ground from tree to tree with ziplines, rope ladders, wobbly bridges and many other climbing elements. There are six different challenging courses in the climbing forest. It is a fun active experience of nature for families, schools and companies. It is a fun, adventurous and exciting day out for both young and old, as well as for novice and advanced climbers! Climbing forest Westerschouwen aan Zee, 100 meters from the North Sea beach.


RIB Seal Safari Grevelingenmeer

In the fast sailing area we let you experience what such a RIB/powerboat is capable of. (we do this at the start of the tour and when we return to the fast sailing area) Sailing at a leisurely (Safari) pace to the seals, we know exactly where they are and along the way we also see wild horses and various bird species on the many islands that we pass. This RIB tour takes about an hour and a half. Only on request and reservation in advance. Also very suitable for children.


Mini golf & games Ouddorp Duin

At Ouddorp Duin holiday park your children can play while you drink a good cup of coffee or tea. There is a nice outdoor playground and in bad weather you can also go to the indoor playground (approximately up to 8 years). Since the summer of 2021, there is also a mini golf course, which is old-fashioned fun for the whole family


Aquapark Splash

Perhaps the best outdoor outing for our children (now 8 and 11 years old). This water park at Port Zelande is only open in the summer months and is very reasonably priced (1 hour 9 Euro). I personally thought 1 hour was more than enough, but I can imagine that slightly older children might go an hour longer. It's a lot of fun and also fun for a bachelor party, for example.


Fitou tea garden

This nice place will be open in the spring of 2021 for breakfast, lunch and coffee or tea. It is a bit hidden on the Waterweg in Ouddorp and children can have fun in the garden. If the weather is less pleasant, you can also visit the stylish lunchroom indoors


New Harvest Inn

A lovely coffee shop 'on' the Ring in Ouddorp. Open for breakfast, lunch and of course the most delicious cakes & cupcakes. Yvonne and her husband Edi also regularly provide takeaway meals & high teas.


Duck rental Stellendam

A fun day out, relaxing with friends or family... Then go out with one of our Ducks from the time when the world was not so rushed! Experience the ultimate open driving in good weather, on quiet roads on the islands around us, through lovely villages.


Spotting flamingos in Grevelingenmeer

You can spot real flamingos in the largest saltwater lake in Europe. Larger groups are mainly seen during the winter period from October to April, but there are also flamingos that are there all year round. The best chance that you will see them is a short drive towards the town of Battenoord & Oude Tonge


Bird observatory 'Tij'
(25 cycling minutes)

Hidden at the back of Stellendam's marina you will find this architectural gem. Easily accessible by car and bicycle, this car park is at the beginning of this small nature reserve. In wet weather it is certainly advisable to wear boots. It is a short walk until you reach this now famous 'egg'. There are binoculars in both our houses, so don't forget to bring them!


Spotting seals at Brouwersdam
(15 cycling minutes)

Bijna aan het einde van de Brouwersdam vind je de 'Spuitsluis' welke het Grevelingenmeer verbind met de Noordzee. Door deze verbinding is hier veel vis te vinden, waardoor er ook zeer regelmatig een aantal zeehonden te spotten zijn. Zeker even stoppen als je toch op de Brouwersdam bent


(15 cycling minutes)

Get on your bike and visit the picturesque & photogenic town of Goedereede, just a few kilometers from Ouddorp. It is truly beautiful and you can sit down on one of the cozy terraces for a cup of coffee, lunch or dinner


Leensloep (Dirksland)
(12 automin._

What started as a hobby for Leen, sailing with his sloop on the Grevelingen, is now possible to rent his sloop for a day or half a day. Fun with the family, friends or of course romantically with your partner. This beautiful sloop can accommodate a maximum of 7 people. The sloop is located in Dirksland, which is about fifteen minutes by car from Ouddorp.


Yoga studio Ouddorp
(5 cycling minutes)

Bellatrix has more than 20 years of experience as a yoga teacher. Her yoga studio in the center of Ouddorp is just a 5-minute bike ride from the B&B. In the summer months she gives lessons outside 6 times a week (weather permitting, which is surprisingly often) at various locations in Ouddorp and the surrounding area, such as Natural High, De Klepperstee & Wind and sailing center Brouwersdam


Wijnproeverij Goedereede

Aan de rand van het pittoreske & fotogenieke stadje Goedereede vind je de wijnstokken van Gert-Jan. Sinds vorig jaar geeft hij op aanvraag wijnproeverijen in de regio of op zijn eigen wijngaard. In het zomerseizoen organiseert hij ook wijnproeverijen met hapjes. Kijk even op zijn site voor de mogelijkheden!


Flakkee Fauna Park
(15 auto min.)

Crazy about animals? What a nice surprise we recently discovered in Nieuwe-Tonge, Faunapark Flakkee; this is not a petting zoo, but also not a mega zoo; although you will find a surprising amount here, from meerkats, foxes and porcupines to flamingos, guinea pigs and different types of owls & even wild cats


(45 automin.)

I still included Rotterdam. I was born in this port city and I still enjoy coming there and I see that my guests, especially from Belgium & Germany, but also from Limburg & the Far North, always enjoy a day in Rotterdam, because it has so much to offer. and is a nice change from your holiday on the coast. And that is only 45 minutes from Ouddorp


Wijnproeverij Goedereede

Aan de rand van het pittoreske & fotogenieke stadje Goedereede vind je de wijnstokken van Gert-Jan. Sinds vorig jaar geeft hij op aanvraag wijnproeverijen in de regio of op zijn eigen wijngaard. In het zomerseizoen organiseert hij ook wijnproeverijen met hapjes. Kijk even op zijn site voor de mogelijkheden!


Just a separate mention for this new addition to Ouddorp! From June 29, 2022 you can go wild on the pump track at Ouddorp Duin, this can be done with your scooter or with your mountain bike, BMX or bicycle, as long as you have a helmet on! You can rent this at toy store De Houten Aap.


Wine tasting Goedereede
(15 cycling minutes)

On the edge of the picturesque & photogenic town of Goedereede you will find Gert-Jan's vines. Since last year he has been giving wine tastings on request in the region or at his own vineyard. In the summer season he also organizes wine tastings with snacks. Take a look at his site for the possibilities!

More information about Ouddorp & Goeree Overflakkee can be found at

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