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Bed & Bread Ouddorp

Once upon a time... there was a family of four; we are Nordin, Ingrid, Ilias & Senna and have been living in beautiful Ouddorp since 2015
by the sea . It was nice living 'on' the Katendrecht peninsula, an authentic neighborhood in Rotterdam, but still wild
we like it more rural with a 'real' garden.

While searching online, a farm from 1917 kept coming back in the search results, so out of curiosity we finally went to take a look. To 'get it out of our system' and, against all odds, we both quickly saw the potential and fell in particular 'in love' with the large 'woodland garden'. With winding paths, beautiful shrubs, flowers with butterflies & buzzing bees and also the panoramic view. Plus, in the summer you can see the white sails of the sailing boats passing by on the Grevelingen.

We have lived here for a few years... including almost 3 years of renovation and it has turned out so beautiful! The doors of our B&B opened in September 2017; Spacious, fresh holiday homes with a private entrance, sunny garden with its own seating area, hammock & heated outdoor shower, just 15 minutes by bike from the North Sea beach, 10 minutes by bike from the Grevelingenmeer and 5 minutes by bike from the center of Ouddorp.
Truly a dream place, if we say so ourselves...Would you like to come and see for yourself?

Greetings Nordin & Ingrid

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Our farm in operation as a pig farm, 1960

Bed & Bread Ouddorp l   Oudelandseweg 13 l 3253 LN Ouddorp l Tel: +31 (0)6 18728579 l

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