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Bed & Bread Ouddorp

Es were a single... a four-headed family; with Ingrid, Nordin, Ilias & Senna living since 2015 on the beautiful coast of Ouddorp. We have a great life in the Halbinsel Katendrecht, an authentic Nachbarschaft in Rotterdam, and we have a small tradition of our own country house with a 'real' garden.

These memories will last for a few years, with a small farm since 1917, and after a few years, we will not be able to see them again. Moreover, we were conscious of our work, our Nordic and our potential, the potential of which would be good in the Bauernhof. We look forward to seeing you in the large 'Wald', in the Hinterhof with clear paths, beautiful paths and also with beautiful views of the surrounding countryside.
In the summer you can see the weather on the Segelboote on the See Grevelingen.

We would like to spend more time and enjoy our work...! Since we have started a new project, the B & B Apartments have started and were still beautiful! There is still more trauma for us in Erfüllung.

We live here on September 1, 2017. Comfortable living areas with a private entrance, a sunny garden with a private sitting area and a 15 minute drive from the Nordsee beach and Grevelingenmeer! Is there a idyllic place, come and enjoy it?

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Bed & Bread Ouddorp l   Oudelandseweg 13 l 3253 LN Ouddorp l Tel: +31 (0)6 18728579 l

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